Regd Office: 167, MG Road, 1st Floor, Jhala Chambers, Pune 411 001
(Regd. Under Society Act: MAH / 3796 / Amt. )
(Regd. Under Public Trust Act: F / 3925 / Amt. )


The Annual Meeting of the General Body of the Society/ Trust will be held on Saturday, 2nd
December, 2017 at 11.00 a.m. at YMCA 382, New Rasta Peth, Near Quarter Gate, Pune,
411011 Pune to transact the business as per the notice agenda below. In case the quorum is not
complete as per bye-law 101 and 102 the meeting will be adjourned for half an hour and
thereafter the business as per the agenda will be transacted.

1. To read and confirm the minutes of the Annual General Body of the Society/ Trust held on
30th July, 2015 (Appx ‘A’). To consider points arising out of the above.
2. To adapt the audited statement of accounts, audited accounts for the period 1 April 2015 to
31 March 2016 and 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017. The relevant extracts of the report are
sent herewith. ( Appx ‘B’ ).
3. The appointment of the Statutory Auditor Mr. K.S. Bari for the Society/ Trust for the period
from 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018.
4. To take note of FDRs taken so far and to ratify the same.
5. President Mr. Khalid Batliwala, MOAA (Mumbai Outdoor Advertising Association) will put
light to the new rules and regulation being framed for Mumbai and rest of Maharashtra.
6. To discuss regarding Skysign fee/ advertisement tax on hoardings.
7. To inform we have become member of IOAA (Indian Outdoor Advertising Association).
[General Manager Col. NKS Warrier (retd) will give a brief about IOAA, regarding GST and
deletion of Advertising Tax in Calcutta High Court and point no. 9].
8. To discuss regarding GST.
9. MOU on few minimum business guidelines/ ethics and sales norms governing business for
its betterment and growth.
10. To discuss and decide ways to tackle infringement on hoardings.
11. Arrears against the members of the Society on account of Annual membership fees
Rs. 1500/- for one year and for 2 years Rs. 2500/-.
12. Any other point with the permission of the chair.
13 November, 2017
(President) (Secretary)

Special Invitees :-
1. Mr. Khalid Batliwala (President, MOAA)
2. Col. NKS Warrier (retd) (General Manager, MOAA).

Notes : –
2) Rooms can be booked on payment for stay only to members who will confirm in to
Mr. Vikay Gokhale 9822025202.
3) Please confirm your attendance to make necessary arrangements.
4) Registration Charges for the meeting Rs. 500/-.
5) Annual Charges per member Rs. 1500/- Rs. 2500/- for two years.
6) Forms for new membership of the association will be available at the meeting venue. (New
member registration Membership fees – Rs. 7500/-).
7) Please bring your letterheads along with your official stamps to draft letters to oppose the
new policy.